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Date: 27 Dec 2008/ Views: 3187

- Bikesh

life has twists and turns
sometimes it lits up and sometimes it burns

someitmes you laughed
sometimes you cried
smiled when you laughed
and to make you smile always is what i tried
but these days nothing working right
the time on me is just being so tight
you stopped laughing and only cry
and see i couldnt make you smile and didnt even try

i feel pity on me for what i couldn't do
it was my duty to make you smile
but what a blunder instead i cried too

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1. samip | 1 Feb 2009 - 04:39
good one

2. | 2 Mar 2009 - 07:53
aWeSom..jiGgRii...!!! niCe fEeLingg..buT.....nEveR tO woRry...thIS iS d Life yAar..!!!! coMEs n gOes lIk tHiss......sO b sTronG iN uRselF..n lIve uR liFe...!!!!!!

3. gaurab | 20 Mar 2009 - 20:29
grt man....keep it touched my heart..heyhey

4. | 1 Jul 2009 - 08:02
its very nice. keep it up

5. Stoner | 3 Sep 2009 - 11:58
hey ,
dammi .both of ur poems are gr8....might change many of hearts away.

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