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Problem typing in laptop / notebook because of touchpad?

Touchpad is very useful device, but it's usually located right under your hands when you are typing. Accidental touch by palm or wrist moves caret to another place of text!

Easiest Way to recover Windows XP, Vista, 7, Passwords using USB Pendrive or CD

I have not found any other method simpler than this one, it resets your password in the blink of an eye.The method uses an open source program called Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. We can use a USB Disk Drive (Pen Drive) or burn a bootable CD for this method. Follow the Steps below:

How to Transfer Emails from One Gmail to Another Gmail Mailbox

If you have two gmail accounts and would like to stop using the old account, you probably will encounter the problem like how to import mails from the old gmail mailbox to another one. Gmail has provided a great feature that allows users to import emails from another mailbox so that you can still keep your important mails in the new gmail mailbox by following the below steps.

How to make Windows 7 Bootable USB Pendrive

Many of us face a lot of problem when we have to reinstall windows on our computer or laptop. First thing we have to decide from where to install windows? The options available are DVD or USB Pendrive. In the latest new netbooks, mostly there is no DVD drive. So if you want to install windows you have to go with the other option, i.e. USB Pendrive. So here I give a brief and 100% tested tutorial on how to create a Windows 7 Bootable USB Pendrive to install Windows 7 from USB Pendrive.

How to boost your laptop volume

- Right click the speaker icon in the task bar (or choose Control Panel : Sound).
- Click Playback Devices > Speakers > Properties.
- Select Enhancements Tab.
- Check the Loudness Equalization box and click apply.

How To Create Ringtone For Iphone

You bought a Iphone but you bored hearing the default ringtone on your iphone. Now we bring you the simple 10 steps to keep your favorite songs as an ringtone on your iphone.

How to bring back Facebook Old Chat System

I know you are pissed off with Facebook’s new chat sidebar and you are trying to get your Facebook old chat system. You may have even protested against Facebook’s new chat system by posting message such as ‘IF YOU HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK CHAT BOX, LIKE & PASTE THIS ON YOUR WALL’ on your Facebook.

Dreamweaver: How To Remove _notes Folders

Dreamweaver normally adds _notes folders in every folder of a website. It does this even when Design Notes are disabled.
To stop this behavior, follow these steps..

Tips And Tricks To Speed up windows 7

With the launch of windows 7 we have witnessed one of the fastest operating system by Microsoft.But still there are people who want more and more!.This article is for all those people who want to increase the performance/speed of their windows 7 operating system.

Tips for Designing a Great Website

Tips for Designing a Great WebsiteLove to design websites? Square buttons, round buttons, flashy buttons … will they match my shoes, my handbag or my tie? Are you stuck in a maze of buttons, headings, bullets, sub-headings and color schemes?

All Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift + F10 right-clicks.
Win + L (XP Only): Locks keyboard. Similar to Lock Workstation.
Win + F or F3: Open Find dialog. (All Files) F3 may not work in some applications which use F3 for their own find dialogs.
Win + Control + F: Open Find dialog. (Computers)

Facebook Trick: Select all friends while inviting them to join a Group, Event or Page.

Headache of clicking each friends icon one by one while inviting them to join a Group, Event or a Fanpage, or events in facebook?? Well then now here's the solution for your problem through which you can select all your friends at a time just by copy and pasting some code in the address bar of your browser...

Enable Multiple logins in windows live messenger.

Few months ago I had came up with the article that helps you to enable multiple login in Yahoo messenger .. simply by editing some registry files and today I've came up with the similar trick which will help you to enable multiple login in Windows live messenger.. No need to download and install any patch files. Just editing some registry works.. Here we go..

How To Break Password Behind The Stars

Ever wanted to know what is behind those ******** passwords. For example if you want to know password from facebook account that somebody else have typed and left it. Here is post which will help you..

Automatically Kill Programs At Shutdown

Don't you hate it when, while trying to shut down, you get message boxes telling you that a program is still running? Making it so that Windows automatically kills applications running in a snap.

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