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Health Benefits of Kissing

Date: 22 Nov 2009/ Views: 4397

Kissing is just not a mode of attaining pleasure in life, but it can also provide a number of health benefits. From blood pressure problems to a stressful mind, kissing can handle various health issues. Thus, you have another reason to practice kissing on regular basis.

It has been proven medically that kissing can help you beat a number of issues related to your health. It can no more be tagged only with a fun activity, as it can contribute towards good health. Thus, if you had been afraid to kiss, here are few reasons to kill your fear and participate in this healthy activity.

Cleaning Of Teeth
It is believed that saliva build up during kissing can help in cleaning the teeth and also, in restricting the formation of plaque on them. This saliva contains proteins, which are helpful in removing the bacteria growth as well as the acids accumulated inside teeth. Thus, if you don’t want to see your dentist often, it is good to practice kissing more than usually.

Maintaining Health Of Heart
Kissing is found to improve the health of human heart, as it can enhance the level of blood pumped by heart in a particular tike period. Also, kissing can facilitate patients with hypertension to lower down their blood pressure levels. Thus, you can practice kissing and keep your vital organs in good condition.

Lowering The Pace Of Aging
The process of kissing can lower the speed at which the fine aging lines can appear on your face. The participation of various muscles present on your face in kissing can bring a glow to your face and eradicate the appearance of signs and symbols of old age.

Relieving Mind From Stress
When you kiss, you feel happy and full of energy. Thus, with regular kissing, you can keep stress away from your mind and add significant amount of duration to your age. Thus, you can live longer with your partner by taking a daily dose of kissing.

Apart from this, kissing also helps in burning calories. Thus, you can expect your face to burn fat by participating in the art of making love. The moral of the story is that kissing is just not a way to gratify your desires, but it can dish up your life with good health. So, keep up your kissing practice!

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1. Dr. Teen | 22 Nov 2009 - 23:56
Best article so far, dude. cheese

2. | 23 Nov 2009 - 18:03
wow! then i will kiss my both of two girl friend daily..but to whom i have to kiss first am confused.?

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